Our Vision Statement

The Spirit of Trade

CLTX is pioneering change in the new global commodity derivatives marketplace in order to serve the business requirements of it members and the market in general. We seek to enhance efficiency of trading, amidst global regulatory transformation, by removing silos, improving transparency, increasing access and removing uncertainty. These enhancements deliver business benefits to the market and resolve regulatory demands being faced by all participants. As an organisation that prides itself in having a solid understanding of the underlying context of trading in the commodities market we seek to connect the new and the proven. Being at the forefront of regulatory change is an enabler of innovation and with new business models emerging this allows us to help the market embrace new opportunities for global trade. Having an empathy and understanding with the end users and intermediaries of the market is at the heart of a successful trading relationship. CLTX is bringing together an ecosystem of partners underpinned by next generation technology and processes that inherently enable regulatory compliance. This will usher in a new era of trading and liquidity relationships; the Spirit of Trade.


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