CLTX Portal

CLTX Portal™, CLTX’s sophisticated new trading engine brings efficiency, increased liquidity and ease of access to all organisations trading our markets through the use of robust high availability technology.

CLTX Portal is the brainchild of CLTX’s cooperation with KB Tech to provide a reliable trading venue for our members. KB Tech will host and operate the trading platform whilst CLTX will organise and maintain market operations for the exchange and partner marketplaces.

What does CLTX Portal™ offer you


A State-of-the-art robust technology

A superior performance and a flexible frontend system

A truly unique best execution and best trade assurance experience

High speed and reliable connectivity

Availability and access to CLTX via several leading ISVs

Increased choice, variety, convenience and competition

Straight -Through-Processing (STP) to Multiple Clearing Houses

Option to trade on the Orderbook or Request for Quotation from other parties

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