CLTX Risk Management

Found within the CLTX Portal™, CLTX is proud to introduce a brand new Risk Management System to increase clearing efficiency.

The CLTX Risk Management System is a result of CLTX’s cooperation with KB Tech and a few of the major general clearing members of our partner exchanges to provide a more effective way of managing risk for off-exchange block registered trades.

The key features of the CLTX Risk Management System includes:

Clearing Members:
    Set, amend and monitor clients’ limits and trading activities in real time
•    Enter manually per client or bulk import for multiple clients
•    Set limits for all accounts, for specific central counterparties or for specific accounts

•    See client risk limits pre-trade
•    Respond accordingly to any breach limits to ensure trade clears immediately
•    Search clients by name, see GCMs and limits in a visual heat map

•    See real-time information on all trades booked on CLTX Portal from all brokers
•    See available limit and remaining long/short lots (visual heat map)
•    Prevent trades that increase risk from being booked by brokers if limits have been breached. Trades that decrease risk or do not breach limits will be accepted.

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