Slowing Chinese Growth Could Slow Dry Bulk Shipping’s Recovery

18 May 2017,

The consensus expectation for a recovery in the dry bulk shipping market is built on the assumption that demand growth will be higher than supply growth for at least the next few years. If this scenario does indeed materialise, the supply glut will gradually be absorbed and rates will return to more profitable levels. Of [...]


Iron Ore Prices Retreating

27 April 2017,

The plunge in iron ore prices over the previous couple of weeks was rapid and sharp as it lost more than 30 percent of its value from the peak of near $100 per tonne. The losses experienced this time were driven by increased concerns over the demand and inventory levels in China. But this should [...]


Increasing Appetite for Investment the Biggest Threat to Dry Bulk Shipping’s Recovery

13 April 2017,

There have been clear signs that a market recovery has started to take shape, with fundamentals much improved compared to a year ago. Better-than-expected demand for iron ore and coal from China and slowing supply growth have helped the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) to continually be at least twice its level on a year-on-year basis [...]


The Changing Sentiment in the Oil Market

23 March 2017,

A lesson from the battle for oil market share over the previous 2 years is that shale producers in the US are way more resilient to prices than expected. Certainly, an expensive lesson for the OPEC producers who aimed to drive prices lower to squeeze out these shale producers, but had themselves been suffering with [...]


Lower Supply Growth to Help Dry Bulk Rates to Increase Further

16 March 2017,

2017 has started well for the dry bulk shipping market, with the Baltic Dry index (BDI) up by 62 percent since mid-February. The index was pushed higher by strong performance in the capesize segment. Capesize timecharter average earnings have more than tripled over the same time period. At current rates, capesize ships are operating at [...]


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