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CLTX Market data services offers market data access via data vendors, web and mobile.

In November 2014, Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services signed an exclusive agreement with CLTX, whereby they will distribute and market real-time CLTX exchange data for key commodity derivatives products traded on CLTX. The agreement will extend to Freight Investor Services and The China Steel Index also provided by CLTX.

The data distributed by Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services can currently be accessed by over 480 global market data vendors and institutions.

CLTX information products are disseminated via the Deutsche Börse’s data feed CEF® Core together with, CLTX Market Data Service (CMDS) API as well as through information providers (vendors).

The Cleartrade Exchange Futures Market feed will contain real-time prices of traded dry freight futures, agricultural and energy products and traded metal futures.

CLTX Core Data – live prices from the CLTX regulated market

World Container Index (WCI) Data – weekly indices for 11 routes

China Steel Indices (CSI) Data – hot rolled coil, rebar, wire rod and plates: daily indices and daily price curves


To become a data distributor:

Please contact CLTX Market Data Services @



Current Data Distributors:


FT Mercati, a subsidiary of Italian trading technology and market data  provider FT Support, is a Milan-based data distributor specialising in distribution of metals data.



Thomson Reuters provide intelligent information to the world’s businesses and professionals. Eikon, Thomson Reuters’ market data application, delivers a powerful combination of information, analytics and exclusive news on financial markets. It covers all the major financial markets – equity, fixed income, commodities, foreign exchange – and provides effective compliance and risk management, investment management and wealth management solutions.

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