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Product Offerings

CLTX offers a suite of over 40 different futures contracts specialising in the Freight, Metals, Energy and Agriculture market. Find out more by clicking on the smart blocks of the different products seen below.


Dry freight derivatives, which are listed on CLTX, include Forward Freight Agreements and Container Freight Agreements.

Main participants: Ship owners and operators, charterers, oil companies


Agriculture commodities cover a wide range of products, including grains, oil seeds, softs, dairies etc. Currently, only fertilizers are listed on CLTX.

Main participants: Grain houses, fertilizer producers, industrial buyers


Energy products such as oil, coal and natural gas are some of the most important drivers of industrial growth. Fuel Oil derivatives are listed on CLTX.

Main participants: Oil companies, utilities, fuel management companies


The metal market is the second largest commodity market by volume. Currently Iron Ore derivatives are listed on CLTX.

Main participants: Steel mills, producers, shippers and trading companies

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