Fuel Oil

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Fuel Oil, one of the most elementary inputs that drive the global shipping industry, is also closely tied to crude oil. Given the huge fluctuations experienced by the crude, the negativity surrounding the current freight market and with the global physical market estimated at around four million barrels per day, there is a huge incentive and necessity for traders and market participants alike to manage their exposures to risk and volatility associated with fuel prices through the paper market.Moreover, the highly competitive nature of the physical market has seen the futures market being an important economic tool to predict prices and estimated amount of demand and supply.

The fuel oil contracts listed on CLTX are cash settled derivatives contracts settled against the Platts daily settlement prices for each respective contract and are based on the most liquid physical fuel oil contracts traded. These contracts are currently available for clearing through NDQ and SGX. For more details, please find our latest Fuel Oil product brochure.

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