1.10 Systems and Controls

1.10.1           Without prejudice and in addition to any other specific requirement in these Rules regarding systems and controls, a Member shall have arrangements, systems and controls that can ensure:


a.   its internal affairs are organized and controlled in a responsible and effective manner with adequate risk management systems, including systems, controls and processes in respect of anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism;

b.   its internal record-keeping is adequate;

c.   all of its Responsible Individuals and Member’s Representatives involved in the conduct of business on the Market are fit and proper, suitable, adequately trained and properly supervised;

d.   all business conducted on the Market including individual transactions complies with the Member’s and Responsible Individual’s obligations under the Rules;

e.   any business conducted by it, or by or through any of its Member’s Representatives shall not cause the Member, any Member’s Representative or the Exchange to be in breach of any applicable laws and regulations.


1.10.2           The Exchange may from time to time publish guidance on what arrangements, systems and controls it considers appropriate in the context of this Rule 1.


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