1.2 Relations with other regulatory Authorities

1.2.1       The Exchange may:-

 a. make arrangements with any person for monitoring compliance with and investigating alleged breaches of the Rules and/or the SFA (where applicable) (and arrangements, procedures and directions made, authorized or given thereunder);

b. co-operate generally with any other person, agency or authority having responsibility for the regulation of investment or any other financial business or the enforcement of law, including but not limited to the MAS in relation to alleged breaches of the SFA (where applicable) in relation to the Member’s act, omission or conduct on the Exchange;

 c. enter into any other arrangement that may be necessary or relevant for purposes of operating and maintaining the Exchange in accordance with the Rules.


1.2.2       Without prejudice to the generality of Rule 1.2.1:-

this may include making arrangements for the sharing of information in accordance with Rule 1 (General Rules); and


a. the Exchange may at any time refer a complaint or any other matter coming to its attention to one or more investment exchanges, clearing houses or other regulatory bodies, agencies or persons for its or their comment or investigation and may, pending the result of such reference, either suspend or continue with (in whole or in part) its own investigations, proceedings or other actions.

 b. The Directors may at any time make additional rules, or amend or revoke the rules or part of them, to the extent they consider necessary or desirable for the continued recognition of the Exchange as a Recognized Market Operator under the SFA. Any rule so made, and any such amendment or revocation, shall be subject to MAS confirming in writing that they have no objection to the proposed amendments and announced by circular to Members and shall take effect at such time and in such manner as the Directors may determine.

c. In a case considered by the Chairman to be one of urgency, the Directors’ powers and authority under this Rule may be exercised by a committee consisting of the Chairman and the Chief Executive provided that such committee shall report the circumstances, and particulars of the Rules so made, amended or revoked, as soon as possible to the Directors.


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