Rule 2 – Membership

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Summary of this rule 2:


Rule 2 outlines the different categories of membership available as well as the membership criteria and requirements. The Rule also stipulates that all Members must abide by the Rules set out in this Rule book at all times and that it is the duty of the Member to ensure that all Rules are adhered to at all times. This Rule defines the ongoing notification requirements to the Exchange of all Members, in order to keep the Exchange abreast or material changes of each Member and those who represent the Member when trading on the Exchange. Rule 2 stipulates that any Member may be suspended or expelled from the Exchange under certain circumstances, and that any such suspension or expulsion may be appealed to the Directors and given a fair hearing. This Rule specifies the requirements of Members when executing transactions on the Exchange and which contracts each category of membership is allowed to trade. Rule 2 also deals with the duties of the Responsible Individuals appointed by each Member to supervise, transact and trade on the Exchange.


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