4.6 Procedures

4.6.1           The Exchange may from time to time prescribe procedures for the purposes of these default rules and to provide for the manner in which its rights or obligations under Companies Act or the SFA, or as directed by the MAS in relation to such Rules or default proceedings may be exercised by or on behalf of the Exchange.


4.6.2           The defaulter and each Member shall co-operate, and shall procure that its Member’s Representatives shall co-operate, fully at all times with the Exchange and shall promptly provide such information as the Exchange or its employees or agents may request in connection with the implementation by the Exchange of these default rules or the exercise by it of its powers or the fulfillment by it of its obligations under the Companies Act or SFA in respect of such Rules including, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, information regarding Market Contracts entered into by the defaulter.


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