6.1 Contracts with Clearing House

a. Contracts entered into on the Cleartrade Platform by clearing Members pursuant to Rule 2 will, pursuant to Rules of the Relevant Clearing House, becomes Contracts to which the relevant clearing Member is party at the times and subject to the conditions set out in the Rules of the relevant Clearing House.

b. Subject to a Member complying with Rule 6, the Exchange shall (and is hereby authorized to) present and confirm particulars of all Contracts to the Clearing House on behalf of Members by means of the Exchange’s trade registration system.

c. Subject to Rule 6, in entering into Contracts, Clearing Members and Authorized Members will act as principal and not as agent.

d. Members that are not Clearing Members of the Relevant Clearing House shall have no claim of any nature against the relevant Clearing House, whether in tort, contract, restitution, in respect of any Contract, pursuant to the relevant Clearing House Rules, pursuant to the Rules or otherwise, save for any liability which by law cannot be excluded.

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