7.11 Trading Disputes

a. If a Contract made or alleged to be made on the Cleartrade Platform is the subject of a dispute on the day of trade, then the Member (who need not be party to such Contract) who disputes the validity of such Contract shall:

i. notify the Compliance Officer of its dispute within such period of time as the Exchange may specify.

ii. once notified the Compliance Officer shall, in his absolute discretion determine whether such a disputed trade shall be cancelled and the Market advised accordingly. The party who disputes the validity (and where that party is not party to the Contract, the parties to the disputed Contract) shall be notified of the determination.

b. The Exchange may, depending on the circumstances of each disputed trade and at its absolute discretion, apply or vary procedures pursuant to the Trading Procedures in its determination to cancel a trade on the basis of the price being an unrepresentative price.

c. The Exchange may investigate any disputed trade which is subsequently cancelled due to the determination of the Compliance Officer that it was executed at an unrepresentative price.

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