7A.19 Provision of Statement of Account

7A.19.1 The Member shall on a monthly basis furnish to each client a statement of account containing the particulars referred to in Rule 7A.19.2.


7A.19.2 The statement of account referred to in Rule 7A.19.1 shall contain, where applicable, the following particulars:

a. futures positions of the client and the prices at which the positions are acquired, and the net unrealised profits or losses in all futures positions of the client marked to the market;

b. the movement of every asset of the client, the date of and reasons for such movement, and the amount of the asset involved;

c. the movement and balance of money received on account of the client within the meaning of this Rule 7A; and

d. a detailed account of all financial charges and credits to the client’s account during the monthly statement period, unless the detailed account of financial charges and credits has been included in any contract note or tax invoice issued by the Member to the client.

7A.19.3 The Member shall furnish to each client, at the end of every quarter of a calendar year, a statement of account containing, where applicable, the assets, futures positions and cash balances (if any) of the client as at the end of that quarter.


7A.19.4 Rule 7A.19.1 and Rule 7A.19.3 shall not apply to the Member if the statements of account referred to in those Rules are furnished to the client by the Relevant Clearing House.

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