7A.5 Withdrawal of Money from Trust Account

The Member shall not withdraw any money from a client’s trust account except for the purpose of —

a. making a payment to any person entitled thereto;

b. making a payment to meet an obligation of a client whose money is deposited in that account, being an obligation that arises from trading in futures contracts by the Member for the client;

c. defraying its brokerage and other proper charges;

d. making a payment to any other person or account in accordance with the written direction of the client;

e. reimbursing the Member any moneys that it has advanced to the account and any interest and returns that it is entitled to by virtue of Rule 7A.6, so long as such withdrawal does not result in the account becoming under-margined or under-funded;

f. making a deposit in accordance with Rule 7A.4; or

g. making a payment or withdrawal that is authorized by law.

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