9.13 Settlement to Market

At the request of the Exchange or of the Relevant Clearing House’s own accord, the Relevant Clearing House may apply a system of settlement or marking to market or revaluation to Contracts in accordance with the Rules of the Relevant Clearing House. Accordingly, references in the Contract Rules and Administration Procedures to:

a. a Contract, shall be construed as including settlement obligations arising in accordance with the Relevant Clearing House’s system; and

b. the price at which the buyer or seller contracted to buy or sell, shall be construed as the price for the time being registered on behalf of the buyer or seller by the Relevant Clearing House under such system; and all terms of a Contract shall be construed to allow the application of such a system.

A Trading Member acknowledges and agrees that the daily settlement price for a Contract shall be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Relevant Clearing House, which may differ between various Relevant Clearing Houses.

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