CLTX Clearing Partners

An important element of Cleartrade Exchange (CLTX) is to support and facilitate access to clearing services that help reduce credit risk and exposure to derivatives for our members.

A clearing house acts as a central counterparty between the buyer and the seller of contracts and guarantees settlement of these. The clearing house covers its obligations by collecting collateral (usually in the form of margin) from the buyer and the seller, respectively.

To execute cleared trades through CLTX you are required to have a clearing account with any of the General Clearing Members (GCMs) of CLTX’s clearing house partners.


Benefits of Clearing

• Central counterparty in every transaction

• Reduces the number of transactions due to payments netting

• Provides secure and standardized transaction processing

• Calculates and controls pledged collateral

• Efficiency in clients’ credit, back office and risk management departments


For new members who have not established any clearing relationships with any GCMs, CLTX will be able to introduce you to clearing partners of ours to allow you to commence the clearing account opening process.


CLTX’s Clearing Partners

NASDAQ OMX products available for trading on CLTX: FFA, Fuel Oil, Iron Ore


SGX products available for trading on CLTX: FFA, Fuel Oil, Iron Ore


ECC products available for trading on CLTX: FFA

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